Sunday, April 18, 2010

A sweet getaways

The 5 days trip to Taiwan was somehow worth it. Just some part of it were not really fun especially when it came to food. It was so hard to find a halal food there. Thus I would not recommend the Muslim tourist to go there. If u re really want to spend a vacation there, then things that should and must bring are lots and lots of halal food. During my 5 days spent there, I was most of the time either eat the vege or eat my instant porridge that i brought from Malaysia. Luckily kak adila brought some instant Milo with her, at least it could give me extra energy.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lost And Found

I was trying to create my personal blog (i have 2 blogs for commercial use), but since Iam type of forgetful person thus creating another email is a troublesome for me..i cudnt remember so many passwords. Even worse sumtimes i cudnt remember the user name. Rather than mess up my brain with a new email, i tried to use my existing email. N then I found out that i has one blog using this email, it was created on 2006. After a few minutes recall I remember that I created this blog after I had some overwhelming emotions over sumtin ..or rather be someone :D..thus do forgive me if what i posted before somehow so 'jiwangness'..hehehe

O ye, one of the staff his car got stolen yesterday. Poor him kan..the penyangak i ges was an amateur. The staff knew bout his stolen car after he got a phone call from his brother..and the brother was actually being informed by the tow truck guy that the car was involved in an accident (nearby office).. maybe the penyangak had a nervous breakdown thus cudnt control the car (sure dpt lesen terbang tuh). We were all so freaking worried when heard the news, thus we went basement check up on our car to ensure they were there...fuhhh..luckly my beloved persona hasnt washed up for 1 month, it looked so COMOT tat wud made the penyangak to lose interest to steal it..hahhaaha

It is 3 am now..yet my eyes refused to rest. It has been 2 days now I cudnt fall asleep because of the hot weather. Mr Earth doesnt have enough moisture to condense into cloud, thus NO rain. My sweat glands working so effectively tonite and it gets my shirt damp. Sumtin wrong with Mr Earth..maybe he is not in a good state. I know how much pain he is enduring for all the damages we done to him. We cut down the tree, flatten the hill, pollute the sea and river, increase the level CO2 in air..all of these contribute to the climate change. Poor Mr Earth for the ordeal he has to go through. Therefore to show my support, by all means I will bring my own shopping bag to avoid the use of plastic bag..(but sumtimes I had to use the plastic bag since my green bag relatively small for my shopping things)..guys i hope we could make it as the first step to stop the pain of Mr Earth. If we dont start now, iam afraid our grandchildren would have to look for other planet to live (nak naik rocket mau juta2 tambang tuh). Guys please Please and Please be more sensible to our planet. Support the WORLD..yeahhh

``````Iam flying off to Taiwan today`````uWeeeee ^o^