Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am Back 2 Schooolll..yehAaaa!!

Learning is a process that never stops..As what Allah says in surah al-Iqra'..Read..(Bacalah) that encourages human to seek a knowledge. As our beloved prophet Rasullah SAW said, seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every muslim.

Furthering study is always be in my career plan. Though I am bit regret that i delayed my plan for a few years. Dun blame me for that..blame my saving ..apparently it just barely enough for my daily expenses. How wud I get another 20k for the fee? I had always wanted to start my study asap, but due to the bad financial situation it just had to wait. Scholarship ws another option, but it required a full time study. 2k allowance for a month wudnt do a justice to my commitments. Hey hey..ppl..dun think iam a spendthrift here.. my liabilities are all for the sake of my future..(ok please exclude my credit card). But Alhamdullilah praises to Allah, with His help I somehow managed to squeeze my financial to pay for the fee. Though some classes I might have to drop in order to minimize the fee. So long I could attend the tutorial and exam, the other classes I would have to beg coursemates to give me a free lesson..(sounds pity huh).

Hopefully, I could finish my study within this 2 years with flying colors or else I am gonna fly without a wing .. (pls read it in a sarcastic tone) hahaha..Often i raise my hand for du'a that Allah will give me a strength to live my dream and never get tired to pursue matter how bumpy the journey would be.

"Ya Allah, if I get astray please guide me back to Your righteous path. Dont stop shower me with Your love as I am nothing without Your Love"

My utmost grateful to You, Allah the Almighty for always be there for me. Thank You for never give up on me, thank you for never leave me..thank you for Your endless love.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

GOODBYE seems the hardest word

In this line, ppl come n ppl go in no time. I know leaving us was a wrencing moment for them too. It was never an easy things to do when u hef to bid goodbye to ur dearest fren. Regardless of race, cultural and religion we always there to lend a shoulder to each other.

I am always good at hold my tears and keep my emotion inside, pretending being a macho girl.. hahaha..well...iam just so used to it ;) Anyhow, a Hijrah it is sumtin that was what our beloved prophet encourage, thus u could gain a better opportunity for more promising future.

Anyhow, Aina and Linda..u guys are kewlll... babe! Thank you for being a good listener and a good fren to me. And so sorry if u guys hef to bottle up ur patience to put up with my mood swings. Akhir kater, semoge anda berdue akan berjaya walau di mana jua anda berada..di dunia mahupon akhirat..InsyaAllah :D

We didn't make forever.
We each got to go our seperate way,
And now we're standing here, helpless,
Looking for something to say.

We've been together a long time.
We never thought it would end.

We were always so close to each other;
You were always my friend.
And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.

You're not sure what you're going for.
I didn't want this to happen,
But we shouldn't feel sad.

We had a good life together.
Just remember, remember, all the times we had.

You know I've always loved you
you know I always will

But no matter how far I may go
In my heart
You'll always be there
And it's hard to say good-bye, my love.
Hard to see you cry, my love.
Hard to open up that door.

You're not sure what you're going for.
You'll know I'll always love you.
You'll know I'll always care.

And no matter how far I may go,
In my thoughts,
You'll always be there.

Tataaaaa...Love U guyssss...muuaahhhsss :X

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A sweet getaways

The 5 days trip to Taiwan was somehow worth it. Just some part of it were not really fun especially when it came to food. It was so hard to find a halal food there. Thus I would not recommend the Muslim tourist to go there. If u re really want to spend a vacation there, then things that should and must bring are lots and lots of halal food. During my 5 days spent there, I was most of the time either eat the vege or eat my instant porridge that i brought from Malaysia. Luckily kak adila brought some instant Milo with her, at least it could give me extra energy.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lost And Found

I was trying to create my personal blog (i have 2 blogs for commercial use), but since Iam type of forgetful person thus creating another email is a troublesome for me..i cudnt remember so many passwords. Even worse sumtimes i cudnt remember the user name. Rather than mess up my brain with a new email, i tried to use my existing email. N then I found out that i has one blog using this email, it was created on 2006. After a few minutes recall I remember that I created this blog after I had some overwhelming emotions over sumtin ..or rather be someone :D..thus do forgive me if what i posted before somehow so 'jiwangness'..hehehe

O ye, one of the staff his car got stolen yesterday. Poor him kan..the penyangak i ges was an amateur. The staff knew bout his stolen car after he got a phone call from his brother..and the brother was actually being informed by the tow truck guy that the car was involved in an accident (nearby office).. maybe the penyangak had a nervous breakdown thus cudnt control the car (sure dpt lesen terbang tuh). We were all so freaking worried when heard the news, thus we went basement check up on our car to ensure they were there...fuhhh..luckly my beloved persona hasnt washed up for 1 month, it looked so COMOT tat wud made the penyangak to lose interest to steal it..hahhaaha

It is 3 am now..yet my eyes refused to rest. It has been 2 days now I cudnt fall asleep because of the hot weather. Mr Earth doesnt have enough moisture to condense into cloud, thus NO rain. My sweat glands working so effectively tonite and it gets my shirt damp. Sumtin wrong with Mr Earth..maybe he is not in a good state. I know how much pain he is enduring for all the damages we done to him. We cut down the tree, flatten the hill, pollute the sea and river, increase the level CO2 in air..all of these contribute to the climate change. Poor Mr Earth for the ordeal he has to go through. Therefore to show my support, by all means I will bring my own shopping bag to avoid the use of plastic bag..(but sumtimes I had to use the plastic bag since my green bag relatively small for my shopping things)..guys i hope we could make it as the first step to stop the pain of Mr Earth. If we dont start now, iam afraid our grandchildren would have to look for other planet to live (nak naik rocket mau juta2 tambang tuh). Guys please Please and Please be more sensible to our planet. Support the WORLD..yeahhh

``````Iam flying off to Taiwan today`````uWeeeee ^o^

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A time for leave-taking
I have every right to be happy.. do i?

No fear, bitterness, betrayal or emotional baggage going to hinder me... no past is pulling me back. I leave them where it belongs. Triumph is still far ahead to grasp. My dark days, sorrowness and the encumbrance in my heart will go away.. Allah is always by my side when i was been left to oneself..i know how deep His love to me thus i always hope one day i will become His loyal devotee, obey His rules and leave off what are don't's. He entrust me with His love and i shall not disappoint Him. Here, i promise Him that i will become a better person, a better muslim, i will not let Him down, i will do whatever it takes to get to my cherish ambitions. No matter how high the stake, i will never giving up. May His love bless my tenacious struggle in gaining to the utmost.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sorry for breaking your heart and sorry for letting you down..

Goodbye what it seems to be,
Farewell what it means to be,
But in my heart the memories there u'll be..
One Special Person

Thank you for always be there for me. Thank you for always being a good listener to me. Thank you for taught me how to be a 'samseng jalanan' (hahaha..maybe i missused ur lesson)..thank you..thank you.. and trillion thank you. And sorry for never say how much I care n L_Ve u (ges I am not good in expressing my personal feeling) sorry, sorry and sorry for being so selfish, ego, nit-picking and unreasonably stubborn. I know God has a better plan for us. A bad cook like me will only make u fall sick after had my delicacy ..haahaha.. .. ges with her u are more happier. I know you are ;)  I will be praying for ur happiness "Smoge bahgie hingge ke anak cucu yer" PeaCe :D

Monday, January 16, 2006

You are stuck in my heartlike counting a million starsfor that many reasons you are Can’t you tell you’ve been all over me like a spell - I know ( that I never wanna let you go) Can’t you see you’ve been changing the world around me - I know( that I never wanna let you go) If you hold me close enoughI can whisper you the words If the distance is to far I can’t do nothing, cuz You are stuck in my heartand we can go anywherewhatever the reason you areso stuck in my heartlike counting a million starsfor that many reasons you are Can’t denysince I met you that day I’ve been blind - to see( Now I wanna know for real) Inside meI’m afraid to wake up from a dream - and see( It never really happen to me) If you hold me close enoughI can whisper you the wordsIf the distance is to farI can’t do nothing, cuz You are stuck in my heartand we can go any where whatever the reason you areso stuck in my heartlike counting a million starsfor that many reasons you are You a dream so deep inside of me You are......the reason that I never sleep You are......stuck in my heart You are Can’t you tellyou’ve been all over me like a spell(I will never let you go, I will never let you go no, no) Can’t you seeyou’ve been changing the world around me(I don’t wanna let you go, no I’ll never let you go no, no) You are stuck in my heartand we can go anywherewhatever the reason you are so stuck in my heartlike counting a million starsfor that many reasons you are ....