Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am Back 2 Schooolll..yehAaaa!!

Learning is a process that never stops..As what Allah says in surah al-Iqra'..Read..(Bacalah) that encourages human to seek a knowledge. As our beloved prophet Rasullah SAW said, seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every muslim.

Furthering study is always be in my career plan. Though I am bit regret that i delayed my plan for a few years. Dun blame me for that..blame my saving ..apparently it just barely enough for my daily expenses. How wud I get another 20k for the fee? I had always wanted to start my study asap, but due to the bad financial situation it just had to wait. Scholarship ws another option, but it required a full time study. 2k allowance for a month wudnt do a justice to my commitments. Hey hey..ppl..dun think iam a spendthrift here.. my liabilities are all for the sake of my future..(ok please exclude my credit card). But Alhamdullilah praises to Allah, with His help I somehow managed to squeeze my financial to pay for the fee. Though some classes I might have to drop in order to minimize the fee. So long I could attend the tutorial and exam, the other classes I would have to beg coursemates to give me a free lesson..(sounds pity huh).

Hopefully, I could finish my study within this 2 years with flying colors or else I am gonna fly without a wing .. (pls read it in a sarcastic tone) hahaha..Often i raise my hand for du'a that Allah will give me a strength to live my dream and never get tired to pursue matter how bumpy the journey would be.

"Ya Allah, if I get astray please guide me back to Your righteous path. Dont stop shower me with Your love as I am nothing without Your Love"

My utmost grateful to You, Allah the Almighty for always be there for me. Thank You for never give up on me, thank you for never leave me..thank you for Your endless love.