Monday, February 06, 2006

Sorry for breaking your heart and sorry for letting you down..

Goodbye what it seems to be,
Farewell what it means to be,
But in my heart the memories there u'll be..
One Special Person

Thank you for always be there for me. Thank you for always being a good listener to me. Thank you for taught me how to be a 'samseng jalanan' (hahaha..maybe i missused ur lesson)..thank you..thank you.. and trillion thank you. And sorry for never say how much I care n L_Ve u (ges I am not good in expressing my personal feeling) sorry, sorry and sorry for being so selfish, ego, nit-picking and unreasonably stubborn. I know God has a better plan for us. A bad cook like me will only make u fall sick after had my delicacy ..haahaha.. .. ges with her u are more happier. I know you are ;)  I will be praying for ur happiness "Smoge bahgie hingge ke anak cucu yer" PeaCe :D