Monday, February 06, 2006

One Special Person

Thank you for always be there for me. Thank you for always being a good listener to me. Thank you for taught me how to be a 'samseng jalanan' (hahaha..maybe i missused ur lesson)..thank you..thank you.. and trillion thank you. And sorry for never say how much I care n L_Ve u (ges I am not good in expressing my personal feeling) sorry, sorry and sorry for being so selfish, ego, nit-picking and unreasonably stubborn. I know God has a better plan for us. A bad cook like me will only make u fall sick after had my delicacy ..haahaha.. .. ges with her u are more happier. I know you are ;)  I will be praying for ur happiness "Smoge bahgie hingge ke anak cucu yer" PeaCe :D

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