Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A time for leave-taking
I have every right to be happy.. do i?

No fear, bitterness, betrayal or emotional baggage going to hinder me... no past is pulling me back. I leave them where it belongs. Triumph is still far ahead to grasp. My dark days, sorrowness and the encumbrance in my heart will go away.. Allah is always by my side when i was been left to oneself..i know how deep His love to me thus i always hope one day i will become His loyal devotee, obey His rules and leave off what are don't's. He entrust me with His love and i shall not disappoint Him. Here, i promise Him that i will become a better person, a better muslim, i will not let Him down, i will do whatever it takes to get to my cherish ambitions. No matter how high the stake, i will never giving up. May His love bless my tenacious struggle in gaining to the utmost.

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